Gdansk Tours can put you on the doorstep of each and every magnificent church. We can put you in a canoe and let you explore places completely inaccessible by any other means. We can send you back into Gdansk’s storied past and we can arrange a glimpse into the city’s bright future.

Our tour guides are passionate and eager for you to experience Gdansk’s wonderful reality. They don’t want to tell you about the city: they want to share it with you! As incredible as a place may be, it’s nothing without good people. Let us make sure that you experience this city with a good friend, not a crotchety old librarian!

Gdansk Tours will arrange everything you need to maximize your time here: transport, superb service, and an incredible array of tours and trips to choose from. Since we pride ourselves on personalized service, we’re going to be looking out for you every step of the way and working to give you an original and private view of the city. No rowdy buses or pedestrian log jams! We put you above the rest, where the air is clear and the vision is 20/20.

We pride ourselves on providing first class service and truly unique experiences. We look forward to helping you make your journey to Gdansk a most memorable one.

City Walk

Your inside guide to the city sights

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Classic Gdansk

History, alive! From Amber to Solidarity

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Kayak Adventure

Up the creek with a paddle

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A sneak peek at the artistry of the Tears of the Sun

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Proud maritime traditions

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Poland's playground

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Where WWII started

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Malbork Teutonic Castle

Don't forget your armour!

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