City Walk Tour

This is the essential tour for visitors to Gdansk. Simply the bread and butter of informative, yet festive, traveling. Hit all the major cultural and scenic hot spots with a guide that treats you like a visiting friend, showing you the ins and outs of this historic city. Equipped with knowledge this tour provides, the city comes alive and what was once a confusing pile of bricks, concrete, and mystery is suddenly as familiar and intimate as your hometown!

Take a peek at the Gothic majesty that is the St. Mary's Church. The largest brick church in the world can be a bit intimidating, but we'll break it all down for you! Proceed to the dark and threatening Jailing Tower before setting your feet upon the Royal Route. The Golden Gate and its proud statues and inscriptions will be explained before you make your way down towards the water. German and Dutch-style townhouses flank you and hustle you towards the famed Neptune statue, a landmark here in Gdansk. The City Hall and the historical museum inside are your next objectives as the city comes alive, piece by glorious piece.

Finally, get a feel for pre-war Gdansk on the charming and totally original Mariacka Street (known world wide for its unique architecture) before completing your journey on Dlugie Pobrzeze, the street which runs along side the calm Motlawa Canal.

The tour lasts three hours and involves no serious hills or strenuous walking.

The tour costs 190 PLN per person and a minimum of two people must be on the walk.

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Robert Thornton 1st July 2014

There were 2 major issues, the van that picked us up was not adequate for 8 passengers. The driver did not speak any English which made him appear rude. This also made coordination and confidence very difficult. I road next to the driver since I am one of the smaller passengers and was practically in the drivers lap. The guide was knowledgeable, but when we entered the church, he said let just sneak in. When he was questioned by one of the ladies he told me the fee was to be paid by the company and he didn't have any money. I paid the entrance fee of 30 zloty.

Jan Stefan Bengtsson 5th September 2013

We had a wonderful tour, and much to learn from our very nice guide.

Guest 10th June 2013

Good tour but uninteresting to listen to. More due to to the guide though...

Guest 27th June 2012

Our guide Donna was fabulous, filled with enthusiasm and knew the Tri-City area very well.

Joanne Shortall 8th October 2010

Tom was a great guide. We all enjoyed ourselves and tom really showed us the pubs we would never have found ourselves. We would definately use your company again in the future. We loved sopot and it was all thanks to tom xxx