Sopot Tour

Sopot's seen its fair share of big names, from Prussian Empresses to hot, new Pop Stars. Some of Poland's finest artists, poets, and actors have enjoyed the cafes and clubs, while wealthy aristocrats of centuries past vacationed along its shores. However, while most tourists feel a bit lost, star struck, and small, our Sopot tour puts you head and shoulders above the rest.

As you stroll along the charming streets of Sopot, you'll hear all you need to know about it's history. From it's humble beginnings as a fishing village to its status as one of the finest resort towns in all of Europe, Sopot has used its naturally restorative air and therapeutic beaches to lure visitors of all stripes. What you don't hear from our friendly young guides, you'll see for yourself in Sopot's City Museum, a treasure chest of the cultural artifacts that built Sopot into be most exciting place on the Baltic.

Included in the tour is a stop at one of Sopot's many famous cafes, where you'll have a chance to enjoy the same coffee used to fuel Sopot's artistic genius. After a taste, you'll at least be using some colorful language (ie "Man, that's %&$Ģing good!") if not using some colorful paints to capture the spirit of our age or the beauty of this city!

This tour lasts between two and three hours and although the City slopes slightly downward towards the Sea, there aren't many serious hills!

The price of this tour stands at 155 PLN, so enrich your stay in Sopot without breaking the bank!

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