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Explore Gdansk like a local!

Gdansk Tours will arrange everything you need to maximise your time here: transport, friendly service, and an incredible array of tours and trips to choose from. Gdansk has amazing stories to tell – from its past as a powerful trading port on the Baltic with it’s strategic role in the Amber trade, through its tragic history during the Second World War, and its triumph in the late 20th century as the inspirational birthplace of the Solidarity Movement.

Recent review:
The RIB boat adventure was a super experience!! I'm looking forward to doing that again some day!!

Popular Tours:

325 PLN
per person

Poland's Heroic Fight against Communism

Duration: ~4 hrs
450 PLN
per person

Three Cities in One

Duration: 8 hrs
300 PLN
per person

Explore Gdansk like a local

Duration: ~3hrs
375 PLN
per person

A site of the Holocaust

Duration: ~ 5 hrs
475 PLN
per person

One of the Great Teutonic Fortresses

Duration: ~ 6 hrs
350 PLN
per person

An unique way to see the city

Duration: ~ 3 hrs

Gdansk Tours can put you on the doorstep of each and every magnificent church. We can put you in a canoe and let you explore places completely inaccessible by any other means. We can send you back into Gdansk’s storied past and we can arrange a glimpse into the city’s bright future. All of the city’s stories are woven deeply into the fabric of its buildings and, more importantly, its people.

Our tour guides are passionate and eager for you to experience Gdansk’s wonderful reality. They don’t want to just tell you about the city: they want to share it with you! As incredible as a place may be, it’s nothing without good people. Let us help you experience this great city with an equally great guide!