300 PLN
per person

Gdansk Walking Tour

Duration: ~3hrs Entrance fees included

The Gdansk Walking Tour

This is the essential tour for visitors to Gdansk. Visit all the major cultural and scenic hot spots on foot in the company of a guide who treats you like a visiting friend, showing you the ins and outs of this historic city. Gdansk, located on the Baltic Sea coast, is the largest city in northern Poland, and has had a long and complicated history, involved in a ceaseless tug-of-war between competing states. Gdansk was a main port of the powerful Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and later the Kingdom of Prussia and the German Empire. After the First World War, Gdansk was proclaimed the ‘Free City of Danzig’ – a semi-autonomous city-state that then went on to exist for just 19 years. In 1939, the city was the scene of the first battles of the Second World War, and the end of which it returned once again to Poland.  Our In the company of our guide, the city will come alive and what at first seems a confusing pile of bricks, concrete, and mystery will gradually reveal Gdansk’s absorbing and rich past.

The tour includes a visit to the Gothic majesty that is the St. Mary’s Church – the largest brick church in the world – before setting your feet upon the Royal Route. The Golden Gate and its proud statues and inscriptions will be explained before you make your way down towards the water. German and Dutch-style townhouses flank you and hustle you towards the famed Neptune statue, a landmark here in Gdansk. The City Hall and the historical museum inside are your next objectives as the city comes alive, piece by glorious piece.

Finally, get a feel for pre-war Gdansk on the charming and totally original Mariacka Street (known world wide for its unique architecture) before completing your journey on Dlugie Pobrzeze, the street which runs along side the calm Motlawa Canal.

Tour Information

Our tour includes meeting you in Gdansk Old Town and a private walk with an English-speaking guide.

The tour lasts three hours and involves no serious hills or strenuous walking.

Prices and Group Bookings

Price Per Person 300 PLN

Groups over 6 Persons – Price is negotiable

What’s included in the price?

The Walk includes the Old Town, Long Market, Main Town Hall, Golden Gate, Highland Gate, Motlawa river banks, St Mary’s Basilica and Artus Court Mansion.

All entrance tickets, where necessary, are included in the price.

Tour Time

Approx. 3 hours. The start time can be adjusted by arrangement.


Minimum of 2 people per tour. Prices include all entrance fees and taxes. Price provided is for English language tours. Tours in other languages: Please contact for information.

Photos by https://www.flickr.com/photos/93120202@N05/galleries/72157678805128318/