Amber Tour

Since 4,000 BC, people living along the Baltic's shores have used the Amber it provides in art, jewelry, and just about anything else you can imagine. During Roman times, there was an Amber Route which provided the empire with access to the Baltic's Gold. The first workshops in Gdansk appeared in the year 900AD and as the worth of the material and the craftsman's skill in manipulating it grew, a guild was eventually formed in 1477. These master artisans could (and did) work the 'Tears of the Sun' into everything from stunning necklaces to miniature figurines.

Today, Gdansk maintains its proud tradition and excellent reputation as the best source for Amber crafts in all the world. Our Amber tour gives you a chance to see what all the fuss is about and get a close up look at one of nature's most eye pleasing gifts. You'll venture to an Amber gallery/plant where you'll see the material on display before having a crash course in polishing the material for yourself! You'll see Amber in its raw form, something that not many people can boast of.

After a close encounter, you'll swing by St. Bridget's Church to have a look at the Amber Altar being constructed there. This incredible work of art will become the biggest Altar of its kind in the world. Simply stunning to behold!

Gdansk is proud of its Amber tradition and would love to share the its beauty as well as a few tricks of the trade! See the precious material like few outside its craftsman ever can, with our Amber Tour!

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