Classic Gdansk Tour

This tour highlights two things famously associated with Gdansk. No I'm not talking about the best Bajaderka in all of Poland (you'll have to take a break in one of the bakeries to know what I'm talking about) or all the beautiful people! I'm talking about Amber and Solidarity!

First, you'll take a good long gander a the Solidarity Monument, a tribute to the shipyard workers who, as Lech Walesa says, 'ground down the teeth of the Soviet Bear.' Hear about their epic struggle against Soviet threats, militarized Police, and violent arrests. Hear how their nonviolent tactics stood the world on end and set off a chain reaction of peaceful revolutions across the entire continent, a legacy which continues today. Take a tour of the Solidarity Museum and realize how close they were to failure and how much they had to overcome. See how far-reaching the effects have been and how a few down trodden welders have changed your life!

Next, pop inside St. Bridget's Church for a look at the Amber Altar, currently under construction. The 'Baltic gold' is being transformed by master craftsmen into a splendid Altar, which promises to be the largest of it's kind in all the world. The church itself is also a marvel, and you'll be sure to get the inside scoop on its storied traditions and stunning history.

This tour lasts approx. three hours and costs 160 PLN per person. A minimum of two people must be on the tour.

As their are no hills in Gdansk's Old Town, the tour isn't strenuous, and makes for the perfect afternoon walk!

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