Gdynia Tour

What was only a humble Kaszubian fishing village less than 100 years ago, has since become one of Poland's economic miracles. The rapid rise of Gdynia has resulted in a massive shipyard, a proud maritime university, and a number of huge office buildings. While builders could hardly keep up with the demand for housing and commercial space, they were kind enough to take the time to create some stunning parks and unique cultural gems. While Sopot may have an edge on Gdynia in the cultural sphere right now, rest assured that Gdynia is where the future lies. Its world famous film festival and open air festivals attract the biggest names and it has a refreshing lack of the snobbery often experienced in Sopot's artistic hangouts.

Our tour of this rising star takes you to the heart of the action. Spend some time on the bustling Koscuszki Square, where outdoor art galleries and cool sculptures are part of the landscape. From there, you'll walk along the South Pier, savoring the salty ocean air and taking a look at Gdynia's tribute to Joseph Conrad, author of 'The Heart of Darkness' and a number of other spectacular nautical novels.

You'll also make stops at the 'ORP Lightning' and the 'Dar Pomorza,' two famous vessels that call Gdynia home. The ORP Lightning was a Polish battleship which fought in the Second World War, while the Dar Pomorza is a spectacular 'tall ship' from years past. Both have museums aboard where you can learn all there is to know about Gdynia's maritime history and the exciting lives of these proud ships.

This tour last approx. three hours and costs 170 PLN.

There isn't too much walking as everything is pretty close together, and the air is definitely energizing. Come say hello to Gdansk's younger brother and get a taste for a life at sea!

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