Malbork Teutonic Castle Tour

Malbork was once the seat of power and a formal capital of the Teutonic Order, a rowdy bunch of Monks with some pretty mean fighting skills. I think a more exciting tour would be a no-holds-barred death match between the Teutonic Monks and the Shaolin Monks, but Gdansk-Tours can only arrange for so much!

Yes, the Teutonic Knights got their backsides handed to them by the Polish armies at the battle of Grunwald, but before the Poles flexed their muscles, the Knights built this truly awe inspiring Castle! It is not only a monument of pride (being at times against the conservative monastic regulations), but also a fantastic example of restoration works since the 19th century.

This Gothic Castle is the biggest brick fortress in all the land and has been made a World Heritage Site! It's truly awe inspiring, especially when they have banners flying atop all the towers. A tour of Malbork takes you back in time, allowing you to learn a bit about the lifestyle of these pious Knights and how they built such a massive structure so long ago. You'll see a number of the out-walls and guard towers before heading inside the castle, which is a huge maze of tunnels, twisting towers, and vaulted rooms. Finally, you'll head back outside for a chance to see the sun set over this medieval marvel.

Like the castle itself, this tour is a beast, lasting approx. eight hours, taking into consideration the 50 minute train ride from Gdansk's main station to the town of Malbork. You'll get to spend about four hours inside the castle, which offers something new and interesting in each and every room.

The tour costs per person 340 PLN, travel and admission into the Castle, included.

Or, you can give 10 percent of your harvest/and or Livestock to the Knights as tribute. The choice is yours!

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Guest 26th September 2014

Fantastic guide! Drivers were prompt and energetic. Very good experience.

John Wright 29th October 2013

Really first class

Guest 4th June 2011

It was great!